basement window-metal frame

Basement Windows

The most common application of glass block is in basement windows. Installing glass block in your basement windows can help improve energy efficiency and often eliminate failing metal or wooden frames. We also offer a removable vinyl window for basement applications that will allow for egress.

Bathroom Showers and Walls

Glass block is perfect for the bathroom. You can use is to create an elegant walk-in shower or partition wall. Do you have a wooden or vinyl window in your tub/shower area? Glass block is a good solution if the framing for your existing window is leaking water or air. If you have a window that won’t open, a vent can be installed in your glass block window to allow for air circulation.

wall with blocks in 2 sizes

Other uses for glass blocks

What do you want to create? We’ve installed glass block in bars, commercial storefronts, garden walls, atrium ledges, room dividers, office partitions, deck railings, and cupolas, to name a few. See our portfolio for a look at some of our work over the years.

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